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Zac Perna

Welcome to my website! Learn more about what I do and the services I offer – you can even buy my products and kick off your custom Training Plans right here.

Training & Nutrition Plans

If you’re looking to change up the way you train or have some set Fitness Goals in mind, then check out the various Training & Nutrition Plans that I offer – the results will speak for themselves!

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Welcome to Zac Perna Fitness


Fit is not a destination. It is a way of life.”


Welcome aboard my website! You are just seconds away from starting a successful fitness transformation with Zac Perna’s training plans and programs!

Training Plans

For beginners, I offer basic training plans to help establish a routine. The individualised online personal training programs include intense workouts that are guaranteed to slow cook your muscles right off the bone.


If you master the diet, you have achieved 80% of your fitness goals. I believe the way to health and fitness begins and continues with food! While eating right is important, I also believe in not banning favorite foods.

Online Coaching

Online Personal Training Programs cannot succeed without individual online coaching. I focus on providing the best experience with my 24 x 7 support, interaction and feedback designed to help you stay on top of your fitness goals.

The Zac Perna Way to Fitness!


Having undergone a fitness transformation myself, I understand the challenges, concerns and questions that you have regarding your fitness goals!

As an experienced online personal trainer, I also know how impractical, unreliable or confusing most online personal training programs can be.

To make a meaningful difference, I have brought in all of my experience and practical knowledge to design perfect online personal training programs that give you the best results.

While designing these online personal training programs, I have kept in mind sustainability, personal preferences and practicality! I believe fitness needs to be an ongoing commitment and for such programs to succeed, they need to be practical, sustainable and more importantly allow you to lead a healthy life. Many people are concerned about giving up on their favorite foods or following a rigid diet plan that they dislike!

My completely flexible online personal training programs ensure you get the best experience during your fitness journey and see the best results that are real and long lasting and healthy.

Go through my services and my profile to know more about what I offer!

You can also have a chat with me and I would love to help you get started on your fitness journey all the way through to becoming MASSIVE M8!

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“What can I say, Zac is the man! Great detailed food plan for training days and also rest days. And one of the best intense workout/training plan I have ever completed. If you need a kick start or a change up like i did, I would recommend getting in touch with Zac, cause you know you want to get “MASSIVE”!!!” Ashleigh Bowen

“When I first started this program I had very little understanding about nutrition and I was not in the best of shape. Zac has helped me understand more about macronutrition and since Zac started coaching me, I am no longer sluggish and I feel better than I ever have before! I highly recommend Zac as a coach to anyone who wishes to get in the best shape of their life!” Dakota Crossno

“Zac Perna was my first ever coach for a bodybuilding competition and I strongly believe he was the the perfect coach for me.

Zac has fantastic knowledge on nutrition, supplements and has such a great passion for a healthy lifestyle.

He is someone that works around you and creates a diet and training plan that you enjoy.

I really enjoyed how Zac was always consistent with me as his client by messaging me constantly throughout the week and making sure I was happy and up to date with the competition prep leading up to the competition date.

I would strongly recommend Zac as a coach not only for a bodybuilding or fitness competition but for anyone that is trying to reach a goal!

He helped me reach my goal and transformed me to the best possible version of myself.

I would definitely use Zac as a coach again.” Jakob Hatton

“It was made more than easy by Zac to achieve my goals. He was always willing to take the time and adapt to changes I requested without any hesitations.” Michael Khoury